Post-Transaction Integration

The completion of a M&A transaction is never the end of the story. The integration of the businesses is a key success factor for realizing the value from the transaction and driving the business going forward. During the transition period, significant resources are required to lead, manage and implement the integration process.

We support you throughout the whole integration process, offering advisory, project management and interim management where necessary. We help you succeed in ensuring a smooth operation of the ongoing business, conducting proper communication with internal and external stakeholders, optimizing the merged organization, and in identifying the optimal path of integration of your production facility, supply chain, sales & marketing resources.

Communication channel

Communication, Planning & Excursion

The communication planning usually starts before the M&A deal is closed and the excursion could be kicked off before or after the transaction. We support you in creating a communication plan with your employees, suppliers, customers, and other business partners, covering timing, channel, content, and risk mitigation.



We support you in reshaping the organization to meet the needs of the merged business. This can be done by reviewing the structure of the existing organizations, competence of the team, map a future desired state, identify gaps and offer hands-on recommendations on re-organization. We also support you in developing and implementing the action plans.

Vision alignment

Process Alignment

We help to map out the existing processes and practices in the organizations, assess the compatibility of the processes with new demands from the merged business, and develop a new set of process that can drive the synergy from merged originations.

Process training, implementation coaching and compliance review are also our available services.

Supply chain

Supply Chain Integration

We can do mapping of the existing supply chains before the merger, and assess the best possible way of integration- make or buy, whether to merge supplier base, switch or prioritize certain sources, consolidate the volume or expand to multiple sources, consolidate delivery, relocate distribution centres and warehouse, etc.

Supplier icon

Production Consolidation

We help you simulate the operation costs, capability and capacity in the scenarios of keeping the existing setup of production facility or consolidating them after the transaction. This will enable a fact-based decision making process regarding production consolidation.

We also support you to implement the production consolidation project with a holistic control of quality, delivery and cost.

Financial realization icon

Sales & Marketing Resource Consolidation

Sales & marketing resources are one of the most valuable assets inherited from the merger. We support your team to review the available sales leads, sales channels, sales strategy, branding & positioning, product portfolio, marketing channels, and find out the potential ways of consolidation.

Interim management

Interim Management

During the transition period, the absence of strong leadership from the local team is a common issue for the organizations after merger and acquisition.

Our experienced management consultants and partners can take interim management roles and implement the transition projects while protecting the smooth running of the business operation.


General Transition Support & Project Management

We provide on-site support during the transition period, and we can act as a PMO (Project Management Office) to manage all the ongoing projects, solve issues as a neutral third-party, drive forward the progress and ensure transparency and in-time reporting to the management.

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