ARC Group is an international financial services firm. Established in 2015 we are the unbeatable worldwide leader in SPAC and IPO advisory. Awarded as the best global mid-market investment bank in 2020 we are proud to serve our private clients and institutions to reach their goals.

We envision a better world. We have a fiduciary duty with our clients to protect their interests; we grow together and fight for the same goals. Your achievement is the reason of our existence, your growth is our passion.

We feel proud to share our passion with an extensive network of partners and associates. ARC Group is the exclusive member in China of M&A Worldwide, a global organization leader in M&A advisory services, established in 2004, that is currently comprised of 49 offices in 36 countries.

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Latest transactions

  • Maxpro Capital with Apollomics Inc.
    Completed Acquisition $899 Million
    Nasdaq: APLM
    Sole Advisor to Maxpro (JMAC)
    March 2023
  • Lexasure Financial Group with Capitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp.
    Announced Merger $250 Million
    Nasdaq: CMCA
    Sole Advisor to Lexasure Financial Group
    March 2023
  • CETUS Capital
    IPO $57.5 Million
    Sole Advisor
    January 2023
  • Openmarkets with Broad Capital Acquisition Corp.
    Announced Merger $110 Million
    Nasdaq: BRAC
    Sole Advisor to Openmarkets Group
    January 2023
  • Liberty Resources with Caspi Oil Gas LLP
    Announced Merger $701 Million
    Nasdaq: LIBY
    Sole Advisor to Liberty Resources
    December 2022
  • GigCapital5 with QT Imaging Inc.
    Announced Merger $151 Million
    Sole Advisor to QT Imaging
    December 2022
  • PHP Ventures Acquisition Corp. with Modulex Modular Buildings Plc
    Announced Merger $600 Million
    Nasdaq: PPHP
    Sole Advisor to Modulex
    December 2022
  • EDOC Acquisition Corp. with Australian Oilseeds Investments Pty Ltd
    Announced Merger $190 Million
    Nasdaq: ADOC
    Sole Advisor to Australian Oilseeds Investments Pty Ltd
    December 2022

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