Dubai construction site

Technosteel Construction (L.L.C.) and Sayward Capital Corp. Announce Letter of Intent for Proposed Business Combination

We are pleased to announce that Sayward Capital Corp. (TSXV: SAWC.P) ("Sayward" or the "Company") and Technosteel Construction (L.L.C.) ("Technosteel") ...
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ARC GROUP Acquires FinnSEA, Strengthening Vietnam Market Presence

ARC Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of FinnSEA, a consultancy firm specialized in offering services related to manufacturing ...
China-Brazil Economic Forum

Strengthening Economic Bridges: Insights from the China-Brazil State Visit

The China-Brazil Economic Forum, a significant state visit led by the Vice President of Brazil and attended by several key ...
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U.S. and China flags

U.S.-China Economic Dynamics: Navigating the New Normal

The U.S.-China trade war, initiated in 2018, has significantly impacted their economic relationship, heightening concerns about deglobalization. This ongoing conflict, ...
Indonesian currency

Inflation Stubbornness in Southeast Asia: Implications and Strategies for 2024

In the battle against inflation, central banks wield a potent weapon: the adjustment of interest rates. By raising rates, they ...
Guangzhou business district

Divestment Trends in China: Strategic Insights

China's economic landscape is undergoing significant transformations, prompting multinational corporations (MNCs) to divest from the region at unprecedented rates. Since ...
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  • Technosteel logo
    Technosteel Construction with (L.L.C.) Sayward Capital Corp.
    RTO (Reverse Take Over)
    Financial advisor to Technosteel
    June 2024
  • Think eBikeGo Private Limited
    Think eBikeGo Private Limited
    Valuation Report
    Financial Advisor
    May 2024
  • Fresenius Medical Care with Jiangxi Dakang Medical Management
    Fresenius Medical Care with Jiangxi Dakang Medical Management Co., Ltd.
    Strategic Divestment Deal, undisclosed
    Sole Financial Advisor to Fresenius Medical Care
    March 2024
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