Venture Capital and Accelerator

We invest in and accelerate growth companies that we both believe in and that we can support within our areas of expertise. ARC Ventures is specifically tailored for startups and scaleups and gives them access to all our services used by leading global organizations.

Besides funding, we offer our portfolio companies access to ARC’s expertise within capital markets, as well as the operational expertise of ARC Consulting  and the groups resources on Asian markets and beyond. We accelerate growth by supporting with everything from partnerships, fundraising, strategy and advisory, as well as with outsourced operations in areas such as business development and sourcing.

Our Value Added

Financing icon

Multiple financing alternatives, including direct investment, leading an external fundraising and sweat equity

Market access

Optimizing corporate structure, professionalizing board work and preparing company for the next phase of growth and maturity

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Creating value by establishing and accelerating business

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Turn-key operations with support on the ground ensuring success in sales and other operations

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Market access through introductions to key decision-makers and potential clients

How We Differ

Our investment philosophy is to invest in early-stage opportunities where the expertise, operational infrastructure and network of ARC Group can significantly help the invested companies in succeeding. The scope primarily includes businesses in the intersections between Asia and western markets.

This could be for example companies originating in either region and expanding to the other, companies having or seeking access to capital across regions or companies with significant operations or supply chains across regions. Funded with our own resources we focus on innovative companies and potential future leaders.

We invest capital as well as other support including on-the-ground resources in Asia and beyond. As an active investor we provide a platform for our portfolio companies to accelerate their growth and reach the next stage in their development.

Venture Services

Our Ventures: