• American Resources Corporation ALE
    American Lithium Energy Corporation
    Joint Venture
    Sole Advisor to ALE
    May 2023
  • SpotOn Energy logo
    SpotOn Energy
    Equity Line of Credit £75 Million
    Sole Advisor
    May 2023
  • Hongli Group Inc.
    IPO $8.25 Million
    Sole Advisor
    March 2023
  • Maxpro Capital with Apollomics Inc.
    Acquisition $899 Million
    Nasdaq: APLM
    Sole Advisor to Maxpro (JMAC)
    March 2023
  • Lexasure Financial Group with Capitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp.
    Merger $250 Million
    Nasdaq: CMCA
    Sole Advisor to Lexasure Financial Group
    March 2023
  • CETUS Capital
    CETUS Capital
    IPO $57.5 Million
    Sole Advisor
    January 2023
  • Openmarkets with Broad Capital Acquisition Corp.
    Merger $110 Million
    Nasdaq: BRAC
    Sole Advisor to Openmarkets Group
    January 2023
  • Liberty Resources with Caspi Oil Gas LLP
    Merger $701 Million
    Nasdaq: LIBY
    Sole Advisor to Liberty Resources
    December 2022