Wealth Management

Our wealth management services are crafted to meticulously optimize and safeguard your financial assets. Leveraging our strong presence in Asia, we specialize in tailoring strategies that not only seize upon prevailing regional market dynamics but also nurture lucrative opportunities for your wealth preservation and growth.

  • With our agile and adaptable approach, our clients gain exclusive insights and access to investment opportunities typically reserved for institutional investors, empowering them to pursue their financial goals with unwavering confidence.
  • We provide comprehensive financial services designed to align with your goals, with a focus on optimizing financial growth while effectively managing risks.
  • We adopt a holistic approach to managing your wealth, seamlessly integrating various financial disciplines to assist you in achieving your financial objectives and securing both your own and your loved ones’ financial future.
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Wealth Management Sectors

Fixed Income
Currencies and Commodities
Fund Products
Family Government & Immigration
Succession Plans
Asset & Real Estate Investments
Investment Protection
Tax Structure

What Sets us Apart

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ARC Group stands out in the wealth management landscape by offering meticulously crafted strategies to optimize and safeguard your financial assets.

With a global presence, we serve clients worldwide, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse financial needs. We are not just a financial institution; we are a community built on trust and shared success. Your achievements drive our passion, and your growth is our mission. Partner with ARC Group, where your financial aspirations become our collective goal.

  • Independent advice prioritizing client interests.
  • Tailored financial services to match unique goals.
  • Expertise in investment strategies and financial planning.
  • Diverse investment opportunities for tailored portfolios.
  • Holistic financial planning for long-term success.
  • Proactive portfolio management for optimized performance.
  • Customized reporting and regular communication.
  • Access to institutional-grade investments for enhanced returns.
  • Comprehensive estate planning for asset safeguarding and wealth transfer.

Asset Management

Through our agile and flexible approach, we offer holistic asset management solutions, granting clients access to exclusive opportunities typically reserved for large institutions. With a firm foundation in Asia and global reach, we lead the way in seizing emerging market opportunities. Our current funds include:

  • ARC Luminous Fund: Explore New York’s cannabis market with our dynamic fund, offering expert insights and strategic investments in this thriving sector.
  • ARC Opportunity Fund: Navigate diverse SPAC opportunities confidently with our curated portfolio, designed to capture emerging market trends and potential growth.
  • ARC Venture Fund: Dive into innovation with our venture fund focused on private growth companies. Benefit from expert advice and strategic equity investments for promising returns.
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