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Food & Beverage

Consumption patterns are changing, and consumers are increasingly valuing new aspects in their food and beverages. Producers and retailers are challenged to constantly innovate both their offering and business models to sustain growth and offset new competitors.

With the very definition of food being redefined by innovators, previously unknown products are entering the consumers’ consciousness as everyday staples.

This conservative industry is facing pressure from new entrants as well as from consumers and suppliers. To remain competitive leaders need to not only innovate product, but also delivery and convenience for the consumer. To succeed tomorrow, companies will have to reach new consumer markets while ensuring efficiency across their entire value chain.

ARC Consulting has supported many food and beverage brands and products in reaching the Asian consumer markets. A key factor in this is fully understanding the demands of local consumers and adapting the offering accordingly.  We also have deep expertise in developing and improving the complex supply chains and distribution networks required by the food and beverage industry.

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