Market Entry Strategy and Support – Seafood Manufacturer

The client, a European seafood manufacturer, was evaluating the potential of entering the Chinese market and was building a business case to review internally.

However, the client encountered difficulties in finding accurate market data and understanding China’s administrative procedures for seafood import, due to the low transparency of the market.

As an initial step, ARC Consulting team conducted an in-depth study on China’s food market, retail sector and the value chain for imported seafood in the market.

Second, the team mapped the seafood import process and highlighted critical regulatory obstacles that would challenge a market entry.

Followingly, ARC Consulting developed multiple market entry approaches and cost built-up analysis based on information collected from various market stakeholders.

A comprehensive report was delivered, offering the client a full view of China’s imported food market, recommended market entry approaches as well a detailed roadmap for going forward.

In addition, ARC Consulting contributed to the negotiations between the Swedish Embassy and Chinese authorities for the purpose of clearing the regulatory obstacles in seafood export from Sweden to China, and continuously supported the client in the implementation phase.

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