Preparing for Organic Growth in China – Pick ’n’ mix Candy Retailer

The client, a global pick ‘n’ mix candy retailer, sought help in devising an automated order management system which would track sales and help improve supply chain efficiency due to recent rapid growth in China.

Furthermore, the clients requested the help of ARC Consulting to develop an employee incentive scheme for sales staff, which would lead to further growth in sales.

Pick 'n' mix candy

A team of ARC Consulting professionals researched and developed a complete web-based order management system user interface, including a comprehensive statistical database for distributors and administrators, as well as a sales tracking facility and a general overview function.

The internal processes and operations were analysed as well as the nature of the client´s revenue drivers to assess an optimal incentives system.

A bespoke solution was devised for the client’s business model and was incorporated in the order management solution. In order to incentivize sales staff, a two-part scheme was developed, including both “soft” and “hard” incentives. In addition to the incentive scheme, a sales training program was devised, including centralized training-days, location-inspections, and sales location rotations.

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