Seed round funding support for Swedish wine company

The client, a Swedish based startup that offer an online platform for discovering wines, was looking to initiate a seed round funding for their expansion. The company had already established a presence on the Swedish market but was looking to expand both their service as well as geographical coverage, starting with the German market.

ARC Consulting was asked to help the client with the funding round, including preparing a pitch deck suitable for the market as well as raising the capital.

Hands holding wine glasses

1. Initial desktop research

Background data for the pitch deck was collected through discussions with the client to fully understand the company and their current situation, their expansion plans, and goals. Additional information about the Swedish and German market was also collected through using online resources.

2. Pitch deck creation and review

Based on the research in the previous step, the ARC Consulting team created a pitch deck with close communication with the client, discussing the content and adjusting according to the client’s wished and ARC Consulting’s recommendations.

3. Initiating funding round

Once the deck was finished, ARC Consulting created a master list with potential venture capital firm, dividing them into three categories based on how well they matched with the client’s specific characteristics. ARC Consulting helped reach out and in the initial communication with the venture capital firms.

ARC Consulting delivered a pitch deck that was used for the seed round and that could be easily adapted to use in both the Swedish and the German market, as well as in future rounds. The team also facilitated the identification of, and communication with, venture capital firms, helping the client successfully raise the target capital.

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