China virtual sales office services unlock market access & boost sales for Finnish brewery

One of Finland’s major breweries was looking to expand on the fast growing Chinese market for alcoholic beverages.

ARC Consulting assisted the client with in-depth market insights, ad hoc operational sales support and identification of distributors by our virtual sales service offerings in China.

As a result of the project and services provided by ARC Consulting, the client was able to gain instant market access and offer its products to the intended target audience in China while maximizing the cost savings.

Beer pouring into a glass

A major Finnish brewery, marketing a range of different beers and alcoholic beverages, had a strong market position in the Nordic countries but was facing limited growth opportunities on these saturated markets. As a result, the company was turning its attention towards the fast growing Chinese market for alcoholic beverages. As the client was looking to enter the Chinese market in a cost-efficient way, ARC Consulting was contacted for support regarding the virtual sales office services in China.

ARC Consulting’s offered virtual sales office services to the client on the Chinese market.

The comprehensive sales support offered by ARC Consulting in China, allowed the client to gain instant access to the Chinese market with established sales and distribution channels without having to spend vast resources and investing in building their own organization initially.

Daily communication was held together with the client and recommendations regarding sales efforts were made on an ad hoc basis.

The ad hoc sales support services offered to the client by ARC Consulting helped to boost the sales of the company by establishing targeted sales channels with selected distributors in China. Furthermore, the services offered to the client in China also helped to build brand recognition of the client’s product portfolio on the Chinese market.

As a result of the support by ARC Consulting, the client was able to build its presence and grow organically on the Chinese market for alcoholic beverages. After having reached the set up sales target in China, the client is now ready and has the required resources to build their own organization on the Chinese market and continue to build on the foundation started by ARC Consulting based on the initial investments.

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