Raising external capital is a significant undertaking consuming both time and resources from your daily operations. Yet a well-strategized and executed fundraise can help realise an ambitious expansion strategy, accelerate growth for a new venture, or strengthen the existing business model.

ARC Consulting has extensive experience in leading successful fundraising initiatives, both for businesses that see our markets (China and Southeast Asia), as potential end-markets, as well as for those that have significant exposure to these markets on the supply side. Working closely with our clients, we offer support from early strategy creation to final negotiation.


Fundraising Strategy

Determining the right ticket size, valuation and terms is an intricate process. We help you develop a realistic strategy based on your objectives, urgency and position.

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Data Collection

Prior to initiating the fundraise you must ensure investor-relevant data is available, sorted and presentable to support future conversations. We know which data matters and how to organize it.


Pitch Creation

A concise and clear pitch is essential to catch the limited attention of potential investors. We know how to build an investment deck that gets you through the door.


Investor Search & Initial Meetings

Finding the right investors and securing meetings is a taxing and tedious process. ARC Consulting has both an extensive network and resources to tailor the investor lists to your company.  We facilitate conversations and support you in discussions.

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Due Diligence Facilitation

Due diligence is often the longest and most demanding part of any fundraise. We help to build and present a clear data room that address investor concerns, elevates your organization and ultimately expedites the process.



Negotiating an investment can be a confusing and stressful experience. We facilitate the fundraising process and continuously support you in negotiations with potential investors. With aligned interests, you can rest assure we’ve got your back.

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