Joint Venture Setup

Establishing a joint venture is a popular market entry method, especially in industries with restrictions on foreign ownership. Besides, setting up a joint venture with local partners is a great way to utilize the expertise, experience, and network of the partners. However, forming a joint venture can also be complex considering the time and resources needed, as well as include certain considerable risks.

ARC Consulting help you to understand the local legal requirements, identify good-fit partners, and ultimately assist you in setting up a successful joint venture while minimizing risks.

Joint Venture Partner Identification

Legal compliance

Legal Requirements

We provide advisory and research on relevant legal requirements, including ownership structure, minimum capital requirements, restricted foreign ownership for certain business sectors, and more.


Partner Screening

We search and screen target companies that fit your requirements. We contact and facilitate the negotiations on your behalf, or connect you and the target companies directly.

Market analysis icon

Due Diligence

We carry out thorough due diligence of target companies, reviewing their capabilities, assets, obligations, and financial performance.



To secure the cooperation terms, a robust joint venture agreement should be created. ARC Consulting support in the drafting of the agreement terms, as well as in the signing process.

Entity Setup Procedure

Document preparation

Document Preparation

We assist you throughout the whole process to prepare and provide necessary documentation and information as required by local authorities.



After all required documents are prepared, we help with the submission of the application to the right authorities, following up the progress closely.

Ready to operate


You receive the business registration certificate, but might still need to fulfill other obligations for your joint venture to be up and running. ARC Consulting offer further support in developing your local business.

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