Operational Due Diligence

Operational due diligence is vital for companies to understand whether a target company’s operations match the buyer. We support in conducting thorough operational due diligence to understand the target companies’ operations at the core.

Examples include an overview of the organisation and its people, review of IT and systems used, efficiency of operations and potential risks, cost reduction opportunities, obligations and liabilities, and third parties connected with the target company.

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Process Review

We analyze the target company to get a detailed understanding of what processes and procedures are implemented in the different functions and departments.


Operational Compliance

We evaluate whether the company operates in accordance with local regulations and policies, including CSR practices. Correction plans can then be created and implemented where needed.

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Onsite Audits

Do you understand the target business on a deep level other than via reports, data, and some brief visits? We conduct onsite audits to review the production, interview employees and managers, and more.

Performance review

Performance/Management Review

Does the company have a clear set of KPIs on both a department- and company level? Are the KPIs implemented in the daily operations and as a guidance of work? We analyse and review above to ensure your full insight in target company performance.

Actionable Recommendations

ARC Consulting provide practical and actionable recommendations, rather than only presenting facts and data, to strengthen your proceedings and ultimately secure your acquisition or merger ambitions.

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