Market Evaluation & Target Identification

To identify potential acquisition targets, it is crucial to first perform a thorough market analysis to understand the local regulatory framework and future growth potential. With our extensive experience and local network, ARC Consulting supports clients in evaluating selected target markets, research market trends, and review the future financial outlook.

Subsequently, we support in identifying target companies through in-depth research and by utilizing our strong local network. Our team has a long experience in identifying potential target companies and facilitate the screening process on behalf of our clients.

Market Evaluation

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Market Research

We conduct in-depth market studies for key insights on market trends, future growth potentials, and the competitive landscape.

Legal requirements

Legal Requirements

We provide advisory to help you understand the local restrictions and procedures associated with the potential acquisitions.

Vision alignment

M&A Strategy Alignment

Based on market evaluation results, we use a scoring framework to identify the best targets, aligned with the set M&A strategy.

Target Identification

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Target Company Search

We support in identifying targets that meet your requirements by utilizing our local network and through extensive research.

Local Representation

We facilitate the negotiations on your behalf, or connect you with the targets while assisting your company throughout the process.

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Initial Evaluation

Our team analyse all data provided and share insights of potential targets, provide recommendations on next steps, and key considerations for the upcoming due diligence and valuation stages.

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