Market Positioning Strategy

Successfully entering a new market requires a deep understanding of the market dynamics, and existing competitors. Further, having clear insights to what drives customers’ purchase decisions will pay a decisive role in your potential success.

ARC Consulting have a deep expertise in a wide variety of markets, and all the tools for providing our clients with accurate insights to local market characteristics. With the information we provide, we increase our clients chance of success greatly.


Product Suitability Analysis

To be successful, your product must be suitable for the market. We perform in-depth market analysis to help you select the right market.

Consumer insights

Consumer Insights

By speaking directly with potential customers in the market, we ensure that you have accurate insights into drivers behind purchasing behaviors.


Competitor Benchmark

We help our clients understand their competitors’ presence in a market, including price positioning, background (local or foreign), size, and operational model – all vital information for your market position strategy.

Pricing overview

Pricing Overview

Deep diving into available alternatives in difference price levels helps our client understand where they can stand out, and if their pricing model is suitable and competitive.

Communication channel

Communication Channel Analysis

Customer communication methods differ greatly between regions. We ensure that our clients set up the right channels for reaching their customers efficiently.

Positioning recommendation

Positioning Recommendation

Through extensive analysis of the above points, ARC Consulting provides detailed conclusions and recommendations for our clients’ market positioning strategies, including step-by-step roadmaps for implementation.

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