Distributor Search & Evaluation

It is crucial to identify qualified distributors with sound experience in local markets. Having expertise across a variety of industries, we support with extensive distributor searches, comprehensive distributor evaluations, negotiations, and support in contractual matters.

Every client has unique requirements and prerequisites affecting distributor selections. As such, we always provide a tailored solution customized to clients’ needs. Generally, the distributor search & evaluation process includes the following four steps:



Defining requirements, including all “must-have” and “good-to-have” factors, generating a standard used when evaluating potential distributors.



Performing in-depth market research to map potential partners, utilizing both internal and external sources, according to the set requirements.



Conducting a thorough evaluation of distributors based on multiple aspects, including capabilities, experience, pricing, current brands, and operational setup – resulting in a shortlist of the best options. The distributors can also be visited on-site for further evaluation.

Target screening


Formulating clear recommendations on the most suitable distributors and structuring the most optimal collaboration model.

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