Market Entry Strategy & Implementation

Entering a new market is a significant initiative, with numerous available approaches. Further formulating and executing the entry strategy is a big investment, and results vary due to the degree of familiarity with the targeted market.

ARC Consulting have local experts to help tailor your market entry strategy and achieve the best possible outcome, at the lowest possible budget. Our experts further support implementing set strategies and ensuring the on-time delivery of agreed milestones.

Legal compliance

Legal Compliance

We consult you on the local laws and help you prepare the necessary paperwork. We utilize our network with local authorities to ensure the highest level of compliance.

Target screening

Target Screening

Whether you are looking to acquire a local company, set up a local team for your newly established entity, or identify a local distributor, rest assured that we can present the best-fitted ones.

Continuously updated strategy

Continuously Updated Strategy

Our team of industry experts continuously review market movements, allowing you to adjust your entry strategy to benefit the most from such movements.

Interim management

Interim Management

Our experienced team can temporarily hold managerial positions to help you build a solid foundation and effective operational system in the new market(s).


Operation & Administration

We offer administrative support, including but not limited to, office space, payroll, contract, and mail.

Local representative

Local Representative

We act on your behalf with relevant local stakeholders, including business partners, distributors, or target companies, to protect your rights and interests.

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