Market Expansion Strategy

To support sustainable - long term growth, companies must consistently focus on market expansion, as part of their overall growth strategy. To do so successfully, especially in foreign markets, formulating the right strategies that align with company goals require an in-depth understanding of potential new markets.

ARC Consulting, with our local expertise and experience, formulate a tailored strategy to serve your expansion purposes. Below are examples of areas where we can support:

Vision alignment

Vision Alignment

Expansion plans often fail as plans deviate from the overall company vision. We review and align your vision with your expansion objectives to ensure success.

Market analysis

Market Analysis

We analyse the market outlook, key trends, competitor landscape, and economic trends to give you a thorough understanding of potential target markets.



For selected markets, ARC Consulting forecasts the cost-benefits, risk-benefit, and growth to outline the size and estimated ROI when expanding into a new market.

Expansion plan

Expansion Approach

Based on your target market and expansion objectives, we consult you on the best expansion approach. For example, if you should establish your own local entity and sales team, solely work with a distributor, or look to acquire a local enterprise.


Expansion Roadmap

Expanding to new markets is a time-consuming and costly initiative. We formulate a customized expansion roadmap to ensure that milestones are easily tracked and achieved.

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