Market Penetration Strategy

Developing existing core markets is essential for any business, fending off new competitors, adapting to changing conditions, and improving existing sales processes. However, as business development grows increasingly global, many struggle to adapt their strategy in specific markets.

ARC Consulting has extensive experience driving business development in local Asian markets, formulating tailored strategies for our clients to successfully gain additional market share. Below are some typical, but not limited to, areas that we can support you with.

Market analysis icon

Market Analysis

We analyse the market outlook, key trends, competitor landscape, and more, to give you a thorough understanding of the market.

Sales assessment

Sales Assessment

Periodically evaluating your current sales channel and process is important to continuously improve sales performance. We help you assess and map the strategy to achieve your sales growth goals.

Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

We provide an objective and practical overview of your sales services, as well as evaluating and benchmarking with competitors’, to optimize  customer service and sales performance.

Cost structure analysis

Cost Structure Analysis

Cost management is crucial to spare resources for further business growth. We analyse your value chain, cost structure, and provide recommendations on how to optimize costs and improve margins.

M & A

M & A

Additional market penetration can be achieved through inorganic growth and by merging or acquiring other companies. ARC Consulting has substantial experience in connecting companies with the right targets and supporting throughout the whole deal process.

Product strategy

Product Strategy

To meet constantly changing customer demands and cope with competition, we can help you review your current performance and map out the strategies such as core product categories, pricing, and more.

Distributor search

Distributor Search & Evaluation

Expanding your distribution network or finding better distributors will help you to capture more market shares. We will help you to identify and evaluate the most suitable distributors in target markets.

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