Supply Market Analysis

A thorough supply market analysis is vital to develop an efficient sourcing and procurement strategy. Regardless if you want to establish your own factory or identify suppliers for finished goods, ARC Consulting can perform a supply market analysis to assist you in developing an efficient, cost-effective, and resilient procurement strategy.

Depending on your business scope, every supply market analysis must be tailored according to your needs – but there are important corner stones for performing an accurate analysis.


We analyse the cost drivers of different supply markets, including labour costs, operational costs and trading costs.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Different supply markets specialize in different manufacturing areas. ARC Consulting are experts in knowing what to find where.

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Trade Opportunities & Barriers

What are your import tariffs when importing from different countries? Are there free trade agreements to draw upon, or anti-dumping regulations to be aware of? We will help you understand this.

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Value Chain Deep-dive

A successful procurement strategy requires good knowledge throughout the full value chain. We will analyse and ensure that the sub-suppliers to your partners are up-to-par and meet required standards.

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Local Labour Force

Depending on your industry and product complexity, different levels of labour intensity and knowledge are required. We help you identify the market with the best expertise.

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Raw Material Sources

ARC Consulting will help you understand the source of your raw material. This is crucial to understand for the purpose of preferential trading tariffs (origin-of-goods).​

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Governmental Incentives

Many industries benefit from governmental incentives and preferential schemes. We will make sure that you can draw upon these.

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Infrastructure & Trade Lanes

Local infrastructure, geographical location, and availability to international shipping lanes are all important to optimize speed-to-market. We will help you understand your lead times and its implications for your products.

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