Supply Chain Analysis & Diagnostics

The scale and complexity of modern supply chains challenge leaders to obtain a critical overview of their business. By understanding your supply chain to the core, necessary improvements can be implemented to gain a competitive advantage by reducing costs, lead times, inventory, as well as eliminating bottlenecks and introducing risk mitigation plans.

ARC Consulting has extensive experience in performing comprehensive supply chain analysis, from the steps of raw material procurement to end-customer deliveries. Depending on your strategic priorities, we provide fact-based recommendations and actionable improvement plans to tackle inefficiencies and mitigate risks.

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Process Compliance Review

We perform a full review of the process compliance in your supply chain to identify gaps and room for improvement. This will help you understand whether your team follows outlined processes, for example, if purchase agreements are signed based on standard terms, if due diligence has been performed in the vendor approval process, and more.

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Reorganization & Process Improvement

We support in mapping the processes in your supply chain, filling the gaps where formal processes are missing. Additionally, we provide advisory on reshaping your supply chain and support you in the implementation.

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Best Practice Benchmark

We benchmark your supply chain with industry peers to understand where improvements can be made for your company to become more competitive.

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Supplier Base Mapping

We map your existing supplier base, giving a holistic overview on your spending & volumes, geographical locations, categories & part numbers, and potential consolidation opportunities.

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Category Benchmark

We perform price benchmarking in the external supply market for each of your product categories. This will give you an objective understanding of your suppliers’ performance and if they are providing the best offering in the market.

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Trade & Logistics Flow Optimization

We assess whether your trading flow with suppliers, customers, and related parties are optimal in terms of logistics costs, lead times, tariffs, profit repatriation, and more. This will help you understand if you are benefiting from relevant trade policies.

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