CSR Audits

A CSR audit is a crucial method to help companies evaluate, measure and track the CSR performance of their suppliers to avoid unnecessary risks and scandals within the supply chain.

ARC Consulting assists you in mapping out a high-level strategic plan to best incorporate CSR strategy into supplier activities. Our deep expertise in this field and experienced local team enables us to build an actionable plan to fulfill your goals and offer comprehensive support for implementation based on your specific needs.

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Initial CSR Audits

After setting relevant criteria and formulating a comprehensive checklist, ARC Consulting carries out on-site audits for evidence collection.

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Audit Results & Report

ARC Consulting formulates a detailed CSR report based on the audits, mapping any potential CSR risks. All findings, including on-site photos, will be reviewed and provided.

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Post-audit Improvement

Following the report, we provide suppliers with elaborative guides to create feasible actions plans, correcting or preventing any potential risks found.

In agreement with the client, supplier actions and improvements are closely followed-up to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Follow-up audit

Follow-up Audits

Once all non-conformance findings are closed with convincing evidence of implementation submitted and approved, we carry out a follow-up audit to verify the implemented actions and ensure no risks related to CSR remain.

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