Supplier Identification & Evaluation

Finding the right suppliers can be a daunting task, especially in developing countries. Thanks to our local presence and expertise throughout China and Southeast Asia, we can ensure that you identify the best suppliers for your needs.

Our expertise ranges across a variety of industries and over the years, we have collected in-depth supplier data and evaluated a vast number of suppliers based on a multitude of criteria. Every client has unique requirements and prerequisites affecting supplier selection, and as such we always provide a customized and comprehensive evaluation. Furthermore, we support in analyzing your intended supply market, providing you both strategic recommendations and implementation support.

Supplier Identification & Evaluation Process

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Supplier Identification

Extensive search by using internal databases and external resources to create a master list of potential suppliers.

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RFQ & RFI Issuance

Data and information gathering from suppliers, including quotations, detailed supplier profiles, MOQs, technical specifications, packaging details, payment terms, and more.

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Evaluation & Benchmarking

The suppliers are evaluated and benchmarked based on agreed criteria, including but not limited to price, production capability, responsiveness, willingness to cooperate, and export experience. The evaluation is tailored to your demands and our recommendations.

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On-site Visits

If required, we perform on-site visits at the suppliers to verify the provided information and by inspecting the production facilities, manufacturing processes, labor environment, and more.

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Sample Order & Testing

We support in ordering samples from both OEM and ODM suppliers, and the product testing with accredited testing companies.

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Logistics Support

We help you connect with experienced and reputable logistics partners for international and domestic shipments.

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