We are proud to announce the successful merger between The Color Club and Essencius, marking a pivotal moment not only for both companies but also for the creative communications industry. Going forward, the merged entity will operate under the name InBold, leveraging the combined strengths and expertise of both organizations to redefine the landscape of creative communication solutions.

About Essencius A/S

Essencius A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with branches in Stockholm and Oslo, is a leading storytelling agency founded in 2007. Specializing in crafting engaging narratives for diverse sectors, Essencius has earned a reputation for strategic and creative communication solutions. Collaborating with notable organizations like Cancerfonden and Movember, Essencius supports meaningful causes through storytelling. Committed to excellence, Essencius provides results-oriented communication strategies, empowering brands to authentically connect with stakeholders. With an innovative approach, Essencius sets new standards for effective communication in the Nordic region and beyond.

About The Color Club

The Color Club (TCC) is a marketing agency based in Denmark, with main operations in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, established in 1994. Specializing in centralized and digitized marketing services, TCC offers imaging, graphics, catalogue, packaging design, localization, and text services. With a skilled team in Vietnam and Danish marketers, TCC ensures high-quality outputs and cost efficiency. TCC distinguishes itself with continuous monitoring of marketing performance, providing clients with key performance indicators (KPIs) for data-driven decisions. The Color Flow (TCF), TCC’s brand management system, enables tailored workflows and seamless integration with services. TCC partnered with ARC Consulting, a strategic consultancy firm, to enhance market presence and offerings, reflecting its commitment to innovation and leadership.

ARC Group, as a minority shareholder in TCC, will retain this position in InBold. Alexander Ocieczek, Managing Director at ARC Group and board member in TCC, will transition into the same role at InBold. His dedication to guiding strategic decisions and fostering growth within the merged entity remains steadfast.

About the transaction

InBold was formally established on March 28, 2024, through a merger of both companies. With the successful transaction closed, the new agency launches as InBold, boasting over 130 employees and decades of experience. InBold, a strategic creative communications agency, emerges from the collaboration of The Color Club and Essencius, aiming to be a comprehensive solution for strategy, concept, reputation, and production needs. InBold’s objective is to foster multi-year collaborations with clients and provide ample development opportunities for its employees.

“Our two agencies have been dating and dancing for nine months and now our baby is ready: A big, healthy, future-oriented digital native, one-of-a-kind agency. InBold brings strength and experience from design, PR (Public Relations), Influencer Marketing, social media, photography, film, and production, along with the digital skills that brands and companies need. Sharp strategy, creative execution in all disciplines as well as flexible content scaling and performance marketing characterize InBold,” says Brian Sejersen Orland, Managing Partner at InBold.

Alexander Ocieczek, Managing Director at ARC Group states: “I am especially thrilled to complete this merger since it was clear from the beginning that this is such a great match both in terms of business and personalities. I have worked closely with both The Color Club and Essencius ever since we introduced the parties to each other, throughout the entire negotiation process, and then in developing the structure of the new merged entity. This merger is an undisputable testament to the success of our earlier efforts in the corporate restructuring of TCC and in setting the company´s strategy for both organic and inorganic growth. I am excited to continue my work together with InBold and contribute to their growth path both as a board member and advisor. We extend our heartfelt congratulations on reaching this significant milestone and eagerly anticipate the promising opportunities that await the newly integrated entity, InBold.”

Martin Moos, Managing Partner of InBold states; “Over the past 2.5 years, our partnership with ARC Consulting has been instrumental in driving The Color Club’s growth and success. With their expert guidance and support, we developed an aggressive acquisition strategy that allowed us to identify, vet, and merge with another agency. This strategic move doubled our revenue and solidified our position as a leading full-service marketing company serving both Scandinavian and Asian businesses. The ARC Consulting’s’ advice, guidance, and implementation support were crucial in achieving this merger and propelling our company to new heights. We are grateful for their unwavering commitment to our success and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the years to come.”

About ARC Consulting

ARC Consulting specializes in providing advisory and implementation support to companies pursuing inorganic growth strategies. As a trusted partner, we offer comprehensive assistance in cross-border M&A and joint venture set-ups, guiding clients through every stage of the process.

ARC Consulting has been both advisors and shareholders of TCC since June 2021. In these roles, ARC Consulting has been involved in facilitating a global restructuring of TCC and in implementing a global strategy for both organic and inorganic growth.

Our global team of experienced professionals is equipped with a diverse toolbox of analysis methods and simulation techniques, tailored to the unique needs of businesses operating in various markets. Leveraging our extensive networks, we deliver best-in-class support, ensuring our clients make informed decisions and achieve their strategic objectives.

ARC Consulting served as the financial advisor to The Color Club (TCC) & Essencius, providing strategic guidance and expertise throughout the merger process. Our dedication to delivering tailored solutions and driving success for our clients remains unwavering, as we continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of corporate transactions.

For more information or any questions, please contact:

Alexander Ocieczek
Managing Partner