The Capital Markets & M&A Forum 2024: Malaysia Edition, organized by ARC Group in collaboration with regional and international partners, concluded on May 13, 2024. The event convened Malaysia’s most esteemed financial professionals, fostering connections, and driving deal flow. Participants engaged with industry leaders, shaped investment strategies, and navigated the evolving financial landscape, reflecting our core themes of fostering trust, growing together, and expanding globally.

The forum commenced with a welcome from Jesus Hoyos, Managing Partner at ARC Group, who highlighted the group’s mission of fostering trust and driving continued global growth. His introduction set the stage for a compelling keynote by Paul Chong, Venture Partner at ARC Group with over 120 IPOs under his belt, on “Listing and Fundraising Alternatives for Malaysian Companies in the U.S. Capital Markets.” Chong’s address offered invaluable perspectives on leveraging international markets for Malaysian enterprises, perfectly aligning with the forum’s theme of expansion and collaboration.

Key sessions of the day included a panel discussion on “Capitalizing on Change – Exploring Dynamic Strategies in Traversing Capital Markets,” moderated by Nigel Wong, Vice President of ARC Group. Panelists such as Chris Zhao (Partner & CGO, Marcumasia), Jonathan Chan (Managing Partner, Vigilant Assets), Firdauz Edmin Bin Mokhtar (CEO, Saujana Petroleum Sdn Bhd), and Doris Wong (Director, Graphjet Technology) shared their insights on adapting to the evolving financial landscape. Key topics included regulatory challenges, market opportunities, and innovative financial strategies.

Another highlight was the panel on “Raising Pre-IPO Financing in Malaysia – Opportunities and Challenges,” moderated by Paul Chong. Esteemed speakers, including Datin Maznah Mahbob (Chairman, Singularity Ventures), Professor M. Nazri (Founder & Group Chairman, AIV50), Shareen Dato Abdul Ghani (MD and Founder, Sorga Innovation), and Elain Lockman (CEO & Co-Founder, Ata Plus Sdn Bhd), discussed the intricacies and opportunities within the pre-IPO sector and offered valuable insights.

In the afternoon, Valentin Ischer, Managing Partner at ARC Group, delivered a keynote on “M&A Evolution: A Keynote Exploration of Trends Shaping the Future,” providing attendees with a forward-looking perspective on mergers and acquisitions. This was followed by a panel discussion on “The Role of Private Equity and Strategic Investors in M&A Activity,” moderated by Sergio Camarero, President of ARC Group. Panelists such as Kuok Yew Chen (Partner, Christopher & Lee Ong), Farah Jaafar (Vice President, FinTech Association of Malaysia), and Daniel Karlsson (Managing Partner, ARC Consulting) explored the critical role of private equity in driving M&A activity. Key trends discussed included the regulatory landscape in Malaysia, emerging opportunities, ESG considerations, and the latest trends in M&A activity.

The forum offered “off-the-record” keynotes and panel discussions led by renowned global industry figures, providing participants with invaluable insights into the current state and outlook of Malaysia’s capital markets and M&A scene. Attendees had the opportunity to network with a curated group of corporate executives, investors, advisors, and experts, fostering valuable relationships and forging new partnerships. This exclusive event enabled participants to discover innovative strategies, navigate emerging trends, and maximize their success in the dynamic financial landscape.

Abraham Cinta, CEO of ARC Group, remarked, “This forum was a testament to the power of collaboration in driving regional growth and success. By fostering trust and sharing valuable insights, we reinforce the importance of working together to achieve our collective goals. We are grateful for your contributions and the active engagement that made this event a resounding success.”

ARC Group is committed to fostering dialogue and collaboration within Malaysia’s financial community, looking forward to future events that will continue to shape the financial landscape. Stay connected with us through our website and LinkedIn to stay tuned for future events.