Chinaventure, as the host of the 12th Annual China Investment Conference, once again gathered almost all the top investment institutions in China. The theme of the event is “power of value”. The main idea is to captures market trends, focuses on the macroeconomic environment and the development trend of the industries as well as investment hot spots.

The current China Investment Conference were held in Shanghai on April 23-25. The three-day conference concentrated on “the power of value” and set up “fund-raising channels and value investment strategies” and “mergers and acquisitions of industrial value chains”, “The value of early investment vision,”, “The long-term investment value of the cultural media industry,” and “green technology,” “smart travel” and many other specific topics. Elites from various fields, focused on the industry and topics, had a heated discussion in the event. In 2017, here released a Chinese version “Nifty Fifty” in the A-shares market in China.

ARC believes that “value focused” investment will become the mainstream trend in 2018.