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SIAL China 2021 Brought Together Global Leaders in the Food and Beverage Industry

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SIAL China 2021

SIAL China 2021, one of the world’s biggest food and beverage (F&B) professional showcases and conferences, was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on May 18, 2021. Featuring an exhibition area of 180,000 square meters, the event brought together over 4,500 exhibitors to come and showcase more than 300,000 products.

SIAL China is an integral part of the SIAL Network, a 56-year exhibition company oriented from Paris. Since 2000, the event has been held annually in Shanghai and has brought a great number of opportunities for both international and local F&B companies to gain a deeper understanding of China and Asia’s markets as well as increase their international visibility. At SIAL China, food producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers will be able to experience the most innovative and demanding products in the industry.

This year, the exhibition was held across an area of 180,000 m2 and attracted more than 4,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries and regions to come and showcase more than 300,000 products. In conjunction with the exhibition, the three-day event also featured more than 16 forums and activities, collaborating with global leaders in the F&B industry and over 100,000 professionals to analyse the global food trends.

SIAL China also collaborates with XTC World Innovation to hold SIAL Innovation Competition which is a unique international competition that rewards the best innovations in food and non-food related products, such as packaging and containers. Furthermore, unlike the previous 21 exhibitions, SIAL China 2021 has empowered the 700,000 food industry professionals from all over the world by giving them the opportunity to participate in and interact via live streaming platforms of ten concurrent forums. In the future, SIAL China expects to continue strengthening exhibition services through Internet, using live streaming platforms as well as other latest communication methods.

In 2021, the event will take a strategic step forward with the SIAL China South exhibition, which will be held from 28 to 30 October in Shenzen. This marks the evolution of SIAL’s deep dedication to the Chinese market and is also a further expansion of the SIAL Network.

With the existing SIAL Network and a strong edge of its dedication to China for 22 years, SIAL China has brought together around 40,000 global exhibitors and over one million global professionals and remains positive despite the harsh economic situation, making it a trading platform where food and beverage from all over the world converge.

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