Our partner, Rui Cavendish, was recently invited to talk about investment opportunities for Chinese funds and SOEs in emerging markets at a major overseas investment event held in Hangzhou.

The crowd of over 300 people was made up of investment funds, SOEs, lawyers from several countries. The theme of the event was to educate the Chinese investors on industries and assets that they should be investing in to elevate the Chinese industry and to help China solidify its positions as economic leader of the world.

In the capital Beijing, he also spoke at event held at Tsinghua University with the theme “Building Safe Investment Environment Under the Belt & Road Initiative”, for a large public consisting of state-owned companies, investment funds, banks, government officials and academics.

In his speech, Rui spoke about investment opportunities for Chinese strategic and institutional investors under the One Belt One Road framework, discussing industries that could be of interest, investment thesis, the relationship between One Belt One Road and BRICS economies, as well as discussing the legal and post-acquisition challenges Chinese investors should be prepared to deal with after the initial investment or acquisition.