We are pleased to announce that OneMedNet Corporation (Nasdaq: ONMD) (“OneMedNet” or the “Company”), the leading curator of regulatory-grade Real World Data (“iRWD™”), through its proven OneMedNet iRWD™ solution has entered into a definitive securities purchase agreement (the “Securities Purchase Agreement“) dated as of March 28, 2024 with an institutional investor (the “Investor“) providing up to $4.54 million in funding through a private placement for the issuance of senior convertible notes (the “Notes”). OneMedNet intends to use the net proceeds when received from the offering for working capital purposes.

“This Securities Purchase Agreement demonstrates confidence in our comprehensive iRWD™ platform, marking an important milestone for OneMedNet as we have the investment needed to expedite our growth, enhance our network, and propel the development of our AI-driven solutions. Our platform is designed to meet the clinical requirements necessary across various domains, including but not limited to rare diseases, oncology, and cardiology. We are committed to delivering precise and robust research support services that span the entire continuum of care. This commitment is a cornerstone of our strategy to enhance patient outcomes and pave the next wave of healthcare innovation,” said Aaron Green, President & CEO of OneMedNet.

The Securities Purchase Agreement signifies a crucial milestone for OneMedNet, signaling investor confidence in its transformative capabilities.

“My team and I are excited to have facilitated this pivotal investment for OneMedNet. This funding not only underscores OneMedNet potential but also reflects our dedication to supporting transformative ventures in the healthcare sector. We believe this partnership will drive significant value creation and propel OneMedNet’s mission to revolutionize patient care through innovative data solutions.” – Ian Hanna, Managing Director at ARC Group.

About OneMedNet Corporation:

Founded in 2009, OneMedNet is dedicated to unlocking the significant value inherent in healthcare providers’ clinical data repositories. The company’s robust iRWD™ platform securely manages diverse clinical data types, including electronic health records (EHR) and medical imaging data, fostering research opportunities and driving healthcare innovations. Leveraging a federated provider network, advanced technology, and clinical expertise, OneMedNet is at the forefront of meeting rigorous RWD Life Science requirements, setting new standards in patient care and advancing medicine.


EF Hutton LLC acted as the placement agent in the offering. ARC Group Ltd. acted as financial advisor and capital markets advisor to OneMedNet Corporation.