ARC Capital attended to the entrepreneur week that took place in Mexico City from September 11th till September 15th, within this 5 days the business neophytes learnt how to deal in the business world when they just have an idea, and how to contact institutions which can help them to grow their companies, even more, to create partnerships that allow a big transformation of the company.

The Entrepreneur week was organized by the Entrepreneur National Institute (INADEM) in Mexico by the direction of Enrique Jacob Ochoa who opened the event on Monday, outlining that this Entrepreneur week was for woman, man and businessman who move to Mexico.

The week consisted of plenty of conferences about how to start a business, how to enhance a company, which technology may help, how to innovate in a proper way, etc., and such information will encourage new entrepreneurs to create or improve a company.

Of course this week is not only about delivering knowledge, but an opportunity for mid-size to multinational companies to look for opportunities, companies such as Cinepolis, Google, Telmex, Uber, Santander and several start-ups were present.

Our team had the opportunity to interact with financial institutions and new companies in order to provide our expertise in the financial area and our innovative solutions.

ARC Capital supports the entrepreneurship!