February 7, 2024 – We are pleased to announce that  Australian Oilseeds Holdings Limited (“Australian Oilseeds” or “Pubco”) and EDOC Acquisition Corp. (“EDOC”) (Nasdaq: ADOC, ADOCW, ADOCR) yesterday announced the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has declared effective the Registration Statement on Form F-4 in connection with their proposed business combination (the “Business Combination”). The Registration Statement contains vital information about Australian Oilseeds, EDOC, and the Business Combination.

EDOC will hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on February 26, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, for shareholders of record as of February 2, 2024 (the “Record Date”). Shareholders will vote on proposals to approve the Business Combination and related matters. EDOC will file a definitive proxy statement/prospectus with the SEC related to the Business Combination and commence mailing it to shareholders as soon as possible. The Business Combination is expected to close shortly after the shareholder meeting and is subject to various approvals and customary closing conditions. Upon closing, Pubco is expected to trade on The Nasdaq Stock Market with ordinary shares and warrants listed under the ticker symbols “COOT” and “COOTW,” respectively.

About Australian Oilseeds

Australian Oilseeds is focused on manufacturing and selling sustainable oilseeds and committed to eliminating chemicals from production systems. The company engages in processing, manufacturing, and selling non-GMO oilseeds and organic and non-organic food-grade oils.

About EDOC Acquisition Corp

EDOC is a blank check company organized for effecting business combinations. The company is sponsored by physician entrepreneurs and led by Kevin Chen, CEO.

Important Information:

“This is an incredible milestone for the entire Australian Oilseeds team,” said Gary Seaton, CEO of Australian Oilseeds. “Investors will have the opportunity to support our mission to become a global leader in providing chemical-free non-GMO feed ingredients.”

Kevin Chen, CEO of EDOC, commented, “With the SEC’s notice of the Registration Statement’s effectiveness, we are excited to see Australian Oilseeds move closer to becoming a publicly traded company.”

Australian Oilseeds and EDOC previously announced their definitive business combination agreement on December 5, 2022. Post-closing, Australian Oilseeds aims to work with suppliers to eliminate chemicals from production systems and supply quality products globally.

“We’re excited to announce the effectiveness of the Registration Statement by the SEC. This signifies a major step forward for Australian Oilseeds as they progress towards becoming a publicly traded company. We’re eager to support their mission of providing chemical-free non-GMO feed ingredients globally”  said Ian Hanna, Managing Director at ARC Group.

ARC Group Limited is Australian Oilseeds’ exclusive financial advisor, and Stuarts Humphries (Cayman Islands) represents Australian Oilseeds on Cayman Islands law matters. Rimon P.C. serves as U.S. counsel to Australian Oilseeds in the Business Combination.

This press release serves solely for informational purposes and does not serve as a proxy statement or solicitation for proxies. It’s important to note that forward-looking statements may not align with actual results due to a range of uncontrollable factors. Investors are encouraged to review the pertinent documents filed with the SEC concerning the proposed transaction.

For more information or any questions, please contact:

Ian Hanna
Managing Director