On 26th September, ARC Group Malaysia led by Managing Director, June Liang, had the privilege of hosting a Demo Day. We were honored to co-host this event with Penjana Kapital alongside their partners Bradbury, Crewstone, Bintang Capital, Emissary Capital, and RHL Ventures. The day was designed to be a platform for Malaysian private companies to showcase their pitch to these investors.

The event saw eight companies – Medika Natura, EMPRO, MPay, Jesselton, Citadel, AE Carbon, Care Concierge, and People Systems – pitch their innovative ideas and business models. We were also joined by Pembangunan Ekuiti, represented by Citadel.

A special highlight of the day was the launch of our ESG Initiative in collaboration with Jesselton. This initiative underscores the importance of protecting the clouded leopards and the diverse flora and fauna in Sabah’s rainforest. It was a poignant reminder of the role businesses play in creating greater awareness of the need to protect our natural habitat.

With 49 attendees, the day was not just about pitches but also about forging connections. With investors identifying potential companies for further evaluation and companies connected mutually on potential business collaborations. A special shoutout to ARC Group Hong Kong Vice President, Nigel Wong, our MC for the day, and Lukas Faxå for their support. We also extend our gratitude to Selina Yeop, our Marketing Director, for her planning and execution.

We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the participating companies for their enthusiasm and dedication, and to the investors for your time, commitment, and belief in the power of entrepreneurship.

Participants at ARC Group Malaysia's Demo Day 2023