ARC Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of FinnSEA, a consultancy firm specialized in offering services related to manufacturing in Vietnam. This acquisition, executed through ARC Consulting bolsters not only our capabilities withing manufacturing consulting, but also our client reaches in Finland which have constituted the primary client base for FinnSEA.

About FinnSEA

Finnsea has carved out a niche in providing strategic advisory services focused on manufacturing in Vietnam. With a strong track record of facilitating local manufacturing, supply chain setups and cross-border partnerships, FinnSEA has become a trusted partner for numerous European enterprises. Furthermore, FinnSEA has expanded its client portfolio to include several U.S. companies, highlighting the United States as a key growth region for our business. Their expertise in the dynamic market of Vietnam aligns with ARC Consulting’s view of the country´s growing importance in global supply chains.

“At FinnSEA, we are excited to join the ARC group and benefit from their larger capacity. This aquisition enables us to serve better our continuously growing customer base seeking new supply chain solutions. Vietnam has emerged as a preferred destination for many, and by joining the ARC group, we can further expand our supply chain consulting and operational services in the country.”

Pietro Karjalainen, Founder & CEO of FinnSEA

Strategic Expansion

This acquisition marks a pivotal step in ARC Group’s ongoing expansion strategy. By integrating FinnSEA into ARC Consulting, we are enhancing our service offerings and deepening our expertise in a strategic market. This move not only strengthens our client presence in Finland but also enriches our capability to deliver comprehensive manufacturing services in Vietnam that cater to the diverse needs of our clients globally.

“We are thrilled to welcome FinnSEA into the ARC Group family. This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to expanding our global footprint and enhancing our service portfolio. Finnsea’s profound knowledge of the Vietnamese market is an important component of ARC´s continuous investment in this increasingly strategic country and in delivering unparalleled services in the region to our clients. We look forward to leveraging FinnSEA’s expertise to further solidify our position as a global leader in advisory services connecting Asian markets with the West.”

Alexander Ocieczek, Managing Partner at ARC Group

A Strategic Milestone

The acquisition of FinnSEA underscores ARC Group’s strategic vision of fostering growth and innovation through targeted acquisitions. By integrating FinnSEA’s specialized capabilities, ARC Consulting is poised to offer even more robust support to businesses navigating the complexities of the Vietnamese market. This strategic step aligns with our long-term goals and reinforces our dedication to providing exceptional advisory services across key global regions.

About ARC Group

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ARC Consulting, the group´s advisory division, specializes in market entry and expansion, production and sourcing, cross-border M&A, and operational improvement and compliance. With deep regional expertise, ARC Consulting has been a trusted partner for European and US companies doing business in Asia since 2004.

For more information or any questions, please contact:

Alexander Ocieczek
Managing Partner