Last weekend, the Shanghai-based team of ARC Capital celebrated our 3rd year anniversary by taking a team-building trip to Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park. Here we did various adventure activities, including hiking, abseiling, and rock climbing. We know that our success ultimately boils down to our team, in both our individual strengths and how we work together to create success. These activities helped us to strengthen our team bond whilst developing our own personal skills; a true reflection of the philosophy at ARC Capital. The trip was both a reflection of the past, as a reward to our team for an excellent 2017, and an investment for the future, by further developing our team bond. We reflected on our past year with discussions of our successes, our lessons learned, and our strength as a team. 2017 was a more successful year than we had imagined, when ARC expanded, grew, and successfully delivered the highest quality services to our clients. We looked to the future, establishing our goals and developing plans of how we can continue our momentum of success as a team. This year we aim to expand, grow, and improve even more than last year.