Come and Join us!

Every year since 2006, AMEXCAP organizes the most important Private Equity event in Mexico: AMEXCAP’s Annual Private Equity Summit. This key meeting point brings together the most dynamic and important players in the industry.

Clearly 2018 will bring new challenges for Mexico like the resumption of the NAFTA negotiation rounds, as well as the election of the new President. However, we believe in the great potential of the country and 2017 was a great example of Mexico’s strength, as it faced many adversities, emerging victorious from pessimistic economic forecasts, Trump’s protectionist policies and two major earthquakes.

This Summit disseminates private equity investment opportunities in Mexico, it is a pleasure for ARC Capital being part of this great event. We have been invited by AMEXCAP to participate in order to meet the most important people from the ecosystem, looking forward to strength our business network, having the opportunity to find potential LP’s for our fintech fund, impulse public listings in the U.S. and bring in Chinese investment opportunities.