ARC Group is proud to announce that our CEO and co-founder, Abraham Cinta, has been recognized in Arabian Business’ “30 Under 40” list. The list honours the accomplishments of a diverse group of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and forward-thinking strategies in shaping the business landscape.

Abraham Cinta, Recognized in Arabian Business' "30 Under 40" List

Cinta is recognized for his professional journey in the financial services industry, where he has lead ARC Group to become the number one global player in SPAC advisory in 2022, overtaking industry-leaders such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays and UBS. His focus on expanding ARC Group’s footprint culminated in over 40 successful listings, with a transactional value of over $8bn in 2022 alone.

His leadership has positioned ARC Group as the premier global advisor for Chinese companies seeking to go public abroad. Furthermore, under Cinta’s guidance, ARC Group is also successfully attracting international companies into the GCC region while simultaneously assisting local companies in their listing endeavours, both locally and internationally.

“It’s a privilege to be part of this list with so many important people driving change and developing the region; from my side and the entire ARC team we are committed to continue trying to develop the entire financial services ecosystem and make this region the preferred destination when it comes to international financial services and capital markets.”

Abraham Cinta, ARC Group CEO

We celebrate this recognition as it underlines Cinta’s dedication, entrepreneurship, and transformative vision and his driving force behind ARC Group. His recognition by Arabian Business is not just a testament to his leadership, but also a nod to the influence ARC Group exerts in the global financial services industry.