Vietnam Distributor Search for Swedish Pharmaceutical Company

The client, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, was looking for a new distributor of their products in Vietnam. The client has had a presence in the Vietnamese market for quite some time with a local distributor but failed to deliver the expected outcome. Therefore, the client turned to ARC Consulting for support in conducting a search for potential pharmaceutical distributors in the region.

The aim of the project was to help the client identify the most suitable distributor alternative of the requested products.

Pharmaceutical engineer at work in a laboratory

The project was conducted in three steps:

  1. Market Research and Distributor Identification
  2. Evaluation and screening of identified partners
  3. Conclusion and recommendation on which distributor to proceed with

A long list of potential distributors was collected from ARC Consulting’s internal database together with additional market research, based on key criteria mutually agreed between the client and ARC Consulting.

After initial assessment, ARC Consulting conducted and in-depth analysis to evaluate the potential distributors as well as identify their strength and weaknesses. A short list of alternatives was presented to the client for further assessment and analysis.

  • ARC Consulting provided client with an overview market report indicating the market insights and ongoing trends.
  • A highly qualified short-list of potential distributors meeting all the listed requirements.
  • A local distributor was identified as the best alternative for the client.
  • ARC Consulting successfully connected the client with the potential distributor and facilitated their partnership.

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