Long-term partnership and strategic advisory for a global marketing company

The client, a European digital marketing company that offers a premium solution on marketing execution and digitalization to global firms, was looking for a re-structuring of the organization, including but not limited to the revision of the business plan, sales strategy, and internal processes. The client already had a successful presence globally, with a comprehensive client portfolio in Asia and Europe, and was preparing for robust growth through several expansion strategies. Therefore, ARC Consulting entered a long-term partnership with the client to help them to re-structure the business plan, as well as to expand their presence, both organically and inorganically.

ARC Consulting held at least one formal weekly meeting with the client to update, discuss and plan necessary actions. In addition, ARC Consulting’s consultants worked closely with the person-in-charge from the client to advise on several aspects of the businesses, such as finance, admin, and sales.

Marketing company team meeting

The client already had a clearly identified gap on the B2B market they wished to fill. This targeted medium to large enterprises, who had sufficient funding, but tend to focus on their core business rather than a solid marketing strategy, and the marketing agencies, who wants to focus on a certain number of expertise areas rather than mass marketing.

To finalize and implement such a break-through strategy, the client required two additional lines of support. The first one was cooperation with a partner who was specialized in corporate strategic management, as well as market expansion. Second, was the external funding to finance the proposed strategy.

ARC Consulting established a long-term partnership with the client to have an in-depth understanding about their business model and current operations. Based on that, ARC Consulting advised the client on how to re-structure their organization, and prepared for fund-raising activities, either via bank loan or private equity.

ARC Consulting held initial meetings with the management team of the client, to better understand their operations, and identify potential pain points that could be improved. A team of experts from ARC Consulting carefully revised the business plan of the client, proposed areas for improvement, and supported them to finalize a new version of the plan based on what has been discussed and agreed between ARC Consulting and the client.

Continuing, ARC Consulting had regular communication with the management team of the client, both in Europe and in Vietnam. This included both online meeting and face-to-face discussion, thanks to the global presence of ARC Consulting. The team from ARC Consulting worked closely with the Finance Manager of the client to further enhance the transparency and effectiveness of the financial reporting structure. This not only for internal management purposes, but also to act as preparation for the later planned fund raising.

Finally, ARC Consulting advised the client on creating a more investable structure. The organic growth is expected to be delivered from a better sales strategy and robust market expansion, while the inorganic growth will be delivered from potential acquisitions of suitable target companies.

With ARC Consulting’s support, the business plan of the client was revised and updated accordingly, including a clearer and more solid sales strategy. The client was able to quickly expand their sales to Sweden and is in progress of expanding to other European countries.

The financial reporting system of the client was also improved for quicker analysis and more effective decision-making process, a necessary steppingstone for the later planned fund raising or horizontal acquisition.

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