Software Company Development and Continuous Operational Support for Swedish Tech Startup

The client, a Swedish startup providing a digital platform for residential real estate agents, contacted ARC Consulting for a long-term partnership opportunity. At the time of the project start, the client had a small back office located in Southeast Asia, with the headquarter in Sweden, and we were contacted to help with further company development and scale-up. Due to our local presence in the Southeast Asian markets, we served as a perfect partner for this Swedish startup.

As a result of the project, we helped the client grow from an idea stage to a fully functioning service that provides a solution to a wide range of clients.

Overhead view of town housing

As a stagnant industry, disrupting the residential real estate market provides significant opportunity. Even though some digital tools have been introduced in the last years, the process of selling residential properties has not developed as fast as sales in other industries. The client identified this opportunity and decided to introduce a new service on the market, aiming to streamline the sales process, while also reducing the need for human labour. This was done by the client’s in-house developed platform, which provides real estate agents with back office administrational support, entirely digitally.

Looking down the road, the in-house developed system can be expanded to serve other industries as well, providing the client with a huge growth opportunity cross-industry.

ARC Consulting supported the client by driving the business development, mainly focusing on four parts:

  • Establishing a sales structure – including implementing a CSR-system, designing sales processes, reaching out to potential clients, setting up meetings, designing sales/market materials, and conducting the meetings.
  • Designing internal infrastructure, including establishing a shared filed structure, implementing data security systems, facilitating integrations with relevant industry partners, etc.
  • Providing ongoing legal counseling and advisory in questions related to cross-border transactions between Europe and Asia, GDPR regulations, raising capital, etc.
  • Leading the website development – utilizing our internal network, designing, and leading the website development together with a highly skilled development partner.

With ARC Consulting’s active approach, we were able to support the client to successfully establish and grow their sales, while also supporting with the company structure and development in Southeast Asia. Not only did we manage to obtain the first paying customers, but also grow the customer base to covering several real estate firms, as well as independent agents.

Further, ARC Consulting supported the client to build a stable foundation for future growth, by implementing and designing all business processes. We also helped to train new staff to ensure that all tools are used effectively.

In conclusion, ARC Consulting assisted the client to go from an idea to a fully operating company, with cross-border offices and growing sales, perfectly positioned for future growth.

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