Sales Coaching Program for European Elevator Company in China

A European elevator company, which has grown quickly in China, had seen a great organizational transformation and enlarged sales team nationwide.

However, the growth was unexpectedly interfered by COVID-19, and sales efficiency was inevitably decreased due to social distancing and lockdowns. As a result, the gap between the sales target and actual sales performance became bigger.

To cope with the grim situation, ARC Consulting was hired as external professionals to conduct sales training with a group of the client’s employees to fulfill overall stability and growth during this special period.

Sales team staff at an interview

In agreement with the strategic plan designed by the client, ARC Consulting’s added sales coaching program was allocated to different regions in China, in order to gain more customers and close more deals nationwide.

Therefore, by improving the competence of the sales force around China, the team would be equipped with better capabilities to thrive under the uncommon and unpredictable circumstances.

All employees within the sales force were asked to conduct a personal assessment about their sales abilities. Based on the test, customized advice and strategic guidance was given to the sales team. At the same time, the management underwent a test to evaluate the staff allocation which did not only provide a better perspective for self-awareness, but also an overview of the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, workshops and one-on-one coaching were arranged to enable new recruits a seamless transition as well as to motivate senior employees.

The pandemic brings challenges to lots of enterprises by slowing normal business flow. In many companies, it has raised questions on how to survive, or even grow, on both management and employee level.

In this case, ARC Consulting did not only provide practical advice to the core sales team, but also helped boost the sales team’s morale, thus supporting the team moving forward.

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