Raising capital for Swedish FinTech company

The client, a Swedish fintech startup that offers a premium solution for business to connect smart corporate cards with expense management and local accounting software, was looking to raise capital to enable further growth. The client already had a successful presence in Sweden, but was now looking abroad. Therefore, they contacted ARC Consulting to help them produce the material needed for the capital raise, and in addition, to support in finding suitable investment firms.

ARC Consulting’s consultant worked on-site from the client’s office during the first ten days of the project to quickly get to know each other and give the cooperation the best possible start.

Spending money online with a credit card

By raising capital, the client enabled further product development as well as international market expansion and aggressive client acquisition. With a growing need for automated expense management solutions, the client was perfectly positioned on the fintech market. For a deeper understanding of the opportunities, ARC Consulting helped to complete a thorough market analysis, and found that more than 500 000 companies were identified as potential customers, in just a few selected target markets.

Through our skilled team of consultants, ARC Consulting provided the client with an opportunity to effectively produce necessary material (business plan, investment one pager, financial analysis and forecast, etc.) as well as assisted in contacting relevant investors and introducing them to the client.

ARC Consulting initiated the project by collecting all necessary information from the client’s management team, including past financial performance, customer lists, etc. Based on this, a draft business plan was created which was later discussed in detail with all relevant stakeholders. Once an agreement had been reached, ARC Consulting’s consultants finalized the comprehensive business plan within ten days. Once finalized, other relevant material could be produced based on the business plan.

Throughout the project, we had daily contact with the client’s top management to ensure efficient and accurate progress.

Secondly, ARC Consulting assisted the client to get in contact with relevant investors, including initiating the first contact, presenting the business case and finally setting up and handing over the communication directly to the client’s management.

With ARC Consulting’s support, the client successfully raised 15 million USD, laying the ground for their future development. Further, all materials produced by ARC Consulting’s was handed over to the client for future use.

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