Microchip Shortage Support for European Electronics Manufacture

The client was a European consumer electronics and assistive technology company that develops communications products and services designed primarily for the elderly.

The company witnessed a significant increase in prices and a big shortage of components such as microchips as the global shortage in semiconductors grew.

With the growing shortage in semiconductors the client turned to ARC Consulting for support in identifying and purchasing the components for its tier-one suppliers.

Engineer holding a microchip

Through rigorous processes and benchmark analyses, the ARC Consulting team identified and evaluated suppliers of the selected components in mainland China.

Later, the team assisted in implementing the process recommendations and provided customized training to staff in order to ensure that sourcing processes were followed according to the updated guidelines from ARC Consulting.

During the implementation process the ARC Consulting team updated the client with daily reports to exhibit the process.

  • The project helped the client clearly understand their Chinese supplier capacity situation, both current and future capacity.
  • Successfully found suppliers that could provide the client with the components.
  • Lead-time decreased by 50%.

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