Fashion brand increases online sales in China after e-commerce consulting

The client recently entered the Chinese market and partnered with a local company to launch in both online and brick and mortar channels.

With the growth of online sales in China, the client was looking for guidance in its  e-commerce expansion in this market.

ARC Consulting provided a detailed report of the Chinese online clothing industry, outlining the ideal e-wholesale channels, the risks and benefits of each, and the best ways to drive traffic.

The detailed overview of the fast-changing e-commerce landscape assisted the client in successfully engaging the most promising e-channels to reach its target customers in China.

A customer looking at shirts on a rack in a fashion store

The client, a major fashion brand, and its local partner, created a sales plan including both online and offline channels.

Since the online market is constantly changing and growing rapidly, the client asked ARC Consulting to help guide them through the nuances to ensure a successful campaign.

ARC Consulting proposed a project to outline the ideal e-wholesale channels and the risks and benefits of each.  In addition, ARC Consulting offered to provide a plan to optimize the traffic to the online channels and increase sales to its own e-commerce channel.

ARC Consulting initiated the project by collecting both qualitative and quantitative data.

First, overall trends of the online Chinese market were outlined, as were the top websites based on number of hits in China.

From this initial overview and research, a total of 19 websites were researched, contacted, and subsequently mapped  with a focus on operating model, competitor alignment, cost, traffic and positioning. The channels were then grouped into three categories:

  • Clothing focused independent B2C sites subdivided into discount-focused and non-discount-focused sites
  • Independent B2C sites – Broad assortment.
  • Mixed B2C/C2C platforms.

Initially, six websites were selected for the client to target based on the current traffic and the reach into the Chinese online market.

This was combined with the estimated future growth within the clients’ product category. The recommended websites were further clarified to include clear background information, ,guidelines of how to initiate cooperation, and detailed instructions on registration costs.

ARC Consulting further mapped the available levers for each site in order to drive traffic and sell-through for the clients’ products.

ARC Consulting’s detailed report and in-depth analysis helped the client to jump start it’s launch in the Chinese e-commerce market both by optimizing the traffic to the client’s website and by targeting the most promising online channels in the local market.

Based on the report, the client established both short-term sales targets along with a long-term online strategy in order to increase profits and market share in line with the rapid growth of the Chinese online marketplace.

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