Helping a European WTE Company Set Up a New Supply Chain and Achieve Better Cost Control on the Chinese Market

With a successful track-record in several countries, one of the global leaders within waste treatment was looking to further expand and achieve better cost control on the Chinese market.

The company turned to ARC Consulting, who has a long record of supporting clients with Chinese market expansions and offers highly valuable knowledge about suppliers and setting up supply chains in China.

ARC Consulting conducted a supplier search and evaluation on the target market, helping the client to establish a whole new supply chain in China.

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In China, the lack of waste treatment has become a big issue. Since realizing this, the government has started to greatly encourage development of the waste treatment industry within the country.

The governmental support and the development of Chinese manufacturers producing WTE components has made the equipment produced in China highly competitive in terms of both quality and price, helping our client to gain a better cost control on the Chinese market.

The project report consisted of three parts.

Firstly, a market analysis was conducted, identifying were the main suppliers are located.

Secondly, a shortlist of potential suppliers was presented with recommendations based on ARC Consulting’s supplier screening.

Finally, three different sourcing strategies for the Chinese market was developed and presented to the client, all with achievable recommendations and solutions.

The approach in short:

  1. Market Research & Analysis
  2. Supplier Identification, Screening & Analysis
  3. Supply Chain Strategies Development

The three different strategies were based on different levels of market-penetration. Based on the recommendations, the client decided to visit several suppliers, were ARC Consulting accompanied them to provide external support.

By conducting the market research, the screening of potential suppliers and providing a professional and independent opinion, ARC Consulting saved valuable time for the client as well as gave the client better cost control and a new established supply chain on the Chinese market.

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