China Distributor Search for Air Sterilizer Machine Company

The client, a Swedish company producing air sterilizer and purifier machines, wanted to increase sales by expanding in the Chinese market during the Covid-19 pandemic. Given the limited distribution coverage by the current distributor, the client turned to ARC Consulting to get help with developing the distributor base in China.

The purpose of the project was to identify the most suitable Chinese distributors to increase sales and grasp more market share. Thanks to ARC Consulting’s experience in the field, a clear plan was proposed instantly, including a step-by-step process.

Hand using a remote controller for an air purifier

The project was carried out in three steps:

  1. Setting the initial plan of the sales targets and the budget
  2. Screening and evaluation of identified distributors
  3. Conclusion and recommendation of distributors to the client

After the initial assessment, ARC Consulting conducted and in-depth analysis to evaluate the Chinese market. A concrete plan including sales targets and budget was created.

A master list of 200 potential distributors was created from ARC Consulting’s market research and internal database. After online communication and phone interviews, a list of candidates that showed an initial interest to collaborate was created.

After reviewing the market materials, distributors who had confirmed interest and met the client’s basic requirements were added to a short list. ARC Consulting proceeded with face-to-face meetings and set up additional phone meetings between the client and potential distributors. Final distributors were selected after further assessment and negotiations.

  1. ARC Consulting provided the client with a comprehensive business plan including sales targets, a budget, and implementation road map from 2021 to 2025.
  2. After screening the supplier market, 8 potential distributors were introduced to the client, and 3 distributors have so far signed distribution contracts with the client.

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