ARC Consulting launches Asia Gateway

January 31, 2020

The Asia Gateway platform is a trilateral partnership that facilitates turn-key access to Asian markets. The uniqueness of the offering lies in its three founding partners; ARC Consulting, Jiuyou Fund and Korkia.

In January 2023 Asia Perspective was acquired by global financial services company ARC Group and was renamed as ARC Consulting. This is an archived article preserving reports from Asia Perspective’s history. For the latest news from ARC Group and ARC Consulting, visit our News & Insights page.


Together, the founding partners of Asia Gateway can offer turnkey access to the Chinese market for Nordic companies. ARC Consulting offers a large implementational capacity with offices across China and South East Asia, as well as extensive experience in adapting and implementing strategies for the Asian markets. Shanghai-based Jiuyou fund offers capital for this growth, as well as unrivaled access to companies and decision makers in China. Korkia brings expertise in sustainable growth strategies and in supporting Finnish companies to expand overseas.

With Jiuyou fund as a business accelerator and potentially investor for our clients, we are able to quickly access the market by joining forces with a well-matched local partner that has an existing market reach, or by introducing the client to clients with whom it would otherwise take years to develop a relationship.

The Asia Gateway process start with a validation of a client’s potential to increase its value by creating new business on the Asian markets. This is conducted with a rapid market analysis and a feasibility study followed by the development of a growth strategy for Asia. Based on the results, the client can make a decision whether to enter the Asian markets. In case the client decides so, Asia Gateway will support them also in the implementation of the growth strategy. The support in the implementation phase covers a variety of services ranging from door-opening to clients and partners, operational support, building the local organization, legal support and IPR protection, office space, back-office support, and support in the execution of mergers and acquisitions. Through the partnership with Jiuyou fund, selected clients may also receive financing for their Asia expansions.

“We have over a decade of experience in doing business in Asia and have supported numerous companies from many industries to achieve their goals and visions. Our partnership with Korkia and Jiuyou further strengthens our customers’ ability to succeed in Asia. We are very excited about these new partnerships and the opportunities they can bring to our customers,” says Daniel Karlsson, Managing Director of ARC Consulting.

Thanks to it being co-funded by multiple provincial and city governments in China, Jiuyou fund has unrivaled access key stakeholders and companies in and outside of its portfolio that can exponentially increase the go-to-market speed and success.

“Jiuyou provides access to an investment fund, promotes technological innovations in many provinces and cities and acts as an active participant in China’s industrial upgrading. We strive to provide continuous investments and services to the high-tech industry. We are very excited and look forward to work with Nordic companies that are interested in the Chinese market,” comments Dave Wu, the Chief Executive of Jiuyou International, which is responsible for Jiuyou’s international business activities.

The Asia Gateway is initially primarily focused on technology and sustainability companies in Finland, which Korkia has long experience in working with.

“There is still tremendous amount of untapped potential in the Chinese market for many Finnish companies. We support our customers to build sustainable business and growth in China in the long-term in a so-called turn-key type of way – we want our clients to succeed and are prepared to put also our own skin in the game by sharing risks” says Martti Malmivirta, Korkia Consulting Oy’s Executive Chairman.

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