APAC Sales Market Assessment and Local Recruitment in Target Markets for A Global Manufacturing Company

The client is a Swedish global leader in innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable climate solutions. With customers from a variety of industries, the client’s solutions reduce customers’ climate and environmental impact through lower resource consumption.

The client reached out to ARC Consulting for help with getting clear market insights into their sales target markets in APAC region (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Australia). The focus of the project is to identify the best sales channels and potential target customer profiles for the client in the selected target markets. Additionally, the study provided a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape and future market outlook to support the client’s future decision-making.

In parallel, ARC Consulting also supported the client in the recruitment process for the key local positions in their target markets by utilizing its extensive internal and external network.

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By expanding their operations in APAC, the client would be able to expand their market share and seize market opportunities. Together with the new establishment of a Distribution Center in one of the target markets, the client could take control over cost advantage for the future.

Yet the amount of research and analysis required for successful execution is time-consuming, which might take away the client’s attention on widely important business goals. As a result, ARC Consulting support came in handy, allowing the client to take advantage of our long-standing experience in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific markets.

First, ARC Consulting conducted an in-detail sales channel assessment and market overview of the five target markets, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia. Asi​a Perspective team conducted expert interviews and secondary research, identifying and evaluating the key sales channels that are most suitable for the client’s business. Ways forward to establishing sales on each channel are recommended accordingly.

Second, ARC Consulting performed a competitive landscape analysis, helping the client to fully understand their own competitiveness in the target markets. Subsequently, the team mapped out the market position of the client’s key competitors based on a matrix of market penetration level and price level.

Third, ARC Consulting identified future market opportunities and highlighted what they meant for the client’s business. The insights laid the ground for the client’s strategic plan to distinguish themselves from other competitors in each market.

In the end, ARC Consulting formulated final reports for all target markets with clear recommendations. In support of the implementation of recommendations, the client also asked ARC Consulting to manage and conduct the entire recruitment process of their local core teams in target markets. A high-level candidate search was conducted through ARC Consulting’s established broad contact network, internal database, and local job platforms. Based on the client’s predefined criteria, the project team conducted and coordinated a well-proven recruitment process to identify the best candidates.

ARC Consulting provided the client with 5 comprehensive market overview reports and a summarized report for the entire APAC region, presenting straightforward recommendations for their sales expansion in the target markets. The extensive research with fact-based analysis also gave a good sense of the client’s current position in comparison with their competitors in each target market. The report clearly outlined market trends and potential segments for further development.

Based on the report findings, ARC Consulting’s consultant team assisted the client in searching for and hiring key local personnel to implement their sales strategies in target markets. There were 6 positions filled in the end.

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