Advisory support for global elevator manufacturer

The client, a leading elevator manufacturer in China, holds a yearly management meeting to brief the sales teams on next year’s challenges, opportunities and development.

With a successful history, reaching many milestones past years, the client went in to a 2020 filled with opportunities. However, the sales team needed a concrete goal and step-by-step action plan to reach its full potential. Therefore, ARC Consulting was hired to engage in the meeting and provide external insight for the strategic planning.

Elevators in China

A large proportion of the elevator market potential in China is still not dug out, and the market has a long way to go before it matures. Currently, the client is highly active on the market, being a leading company in China, and has built brand awareness among a large group of customers. But seeing the large market potential ahead, the first priority of the client is to comprehend the dynamic market and optimize sales models to optimize the growth.

Serving as a bridge between the sales and management team, as well as providing reference cases and experiential advice, ARC Consulting brought extra resources to the table for the organizational discussion. With a managerial mindset, ARC Consulting also introduced the suitable managemental tools to maximize the efficiency of discussion and execution.

Based on the observations made during the workshop, ARC Consulting suggested to reinforce and utilize on the capabilities of both the management team and operating functions within the company, which would be beneficial to the current situation, but also a strategic decision in the longer run.

The workshop ultimately reached concrete and ambitious goals, with an illustrative operating model, connecting strategy and execution. Specific strategy elements, such as a step-by-step implementation roadmap, as well as detailed responsibilities was determined. Essentially, ARC Consulting also set up a strategic planning pattern for the company to execute over the long haul.

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