Global High-end Sauna Company Aims to Engage in Chinese Consumers’ Daily Life

The largest sauna and steam bath company in the world is seeking to penetrate their presence in the Chinese market after observing the pursuit of heathy lifestyle as well as novelty experience among Chinese people.

ARC Consulting was asked to evaluate the potential market in this industry and generate advices on local partnership within coastal areas.

Sauna room

Sauna has been regarded as an essential facility in some countries particularly in the Nordic countries where it is associated with positive health effects. In the Nordic countries, the sauna is used for both household and commercial use.

In China, saunas are to be found in superior gyms and luxury hotels where they are used for commercial use. Due to the surging economy in recent decades for China and the changing perception of consumption, an increasing number of consumers has integrated saunas into their lifestyle.

ARC Consulting provided support from two aspects. A market study and a partner identification to help the company grow their business in China.

The project was conducted as three steps:

  1. Overall market intelligence collection and comprehensive mapping of partnership
  2. Evaluation and screening of identified partners
  3. Conclusions and recommendations for market overview and potential cooperation

The project geographically covers three focused coastal cities and onsite visit was implemented to understand the industry.

Since an incredibly large market appeared in front of the client, a customized market expansion plan was laid out, including practical setup of business model, related activities suggested, targeted niche market as well as brand awareness establishment.

Social and culture factors are voiced as vital impacts in the Chinese market compared to other countries.

ARC Consulting provided the client with a statistically based market report including market intelligence. In addition to that, ARC Consulting successfully identified and evaluated several potential partners to establish strategic and commercial partnership going forward.

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